Yoga Concierge

The objective of the Yoga Concierge is to help create the space that will enhance your yoga retreat, in every way. Pledging to make it an unforgettable experience.


We customize everyone’s meals to their preferences. Providing health-conscious choices that optimize your performance and highlight a sense of wellbeing.


The go-to point for all your needs; scheduling, meals, transportation, rest, private one-on-one sessions, specific skills couching, anything you might think of for your travel accommodations and experience in general, we strive to facilitate and provide for you.


We love scheduling some time for private or group photo shoots. While we maintain a private and reflective mood for our retreats, we always manage to capture some candid images that make our signature traveling, a pleasure that shows on your smiles and on these moments we want to cherish and keep.

Michelle Briks