A Yogis Journey down the Aisle: Prime My Body

Michelle in Grenada, Feb 21, 2019

Michelle in Grenada, Feb 21, 2019

How does a yogi prepare herself to walk down that isle with greater confidence and ease?

As with all things yoga - it starts with awareness and this longing to be closer to our truth - and for me it continued with shifting my perspective and embracing greater self care!

Lets be honest - women wear a lot of hats these days - and we seem to be so busy all the time!

I am a mom, a yoga teacher, yoga director, business owner, lead teacher for 200/300 RYS teacher trainings, a lover and a friend. That means that often times my own self care often falls to the wayside.

Yes, I eat healthy, yes, I exercise everyday, but even when I got engaged to the love of my life in April 2008 - It was still hard for me to find time to ‘be the bride’.

It wasn’t until I got this huge Stye on my eye - and my trip to Cali in October that forced me to carve out to take care of ME. 

In Sept. 2018 I developed a huge stye on my eye - that looked more like a boil - and nothing I did was getting rid of it. So I scheduled myself an appointment with the plastic surgeon (6 week wait) - I was getting married in 5 months! And NOT walking down the aisle with this thing on my eye.

I had an Aireal Yoga trip to Cali in October - and my friend Kathy (the hostess with the most-est) - urged me to try this CBD oil. She told me this was different than other CBD oils that I have tried, because it had ‘liposomal delivery’ and it directly & positively affects our hormonal system.

So, I took x3 pumps of Prime my body’s nano-enhanced hemp oil before I went to sleep - and BAMN! When I woke up that stye was half the size!

Fast forward 12 days later - they stye was completely gone by my birthday!!!  I called the plastic surgeon to cancel that appointment. Crisis averted.

I continue to take that CBD oil daily. The benefits I feel:

  • Curbs cravings

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Provides joint support for this active yogini!

Since Prime my Body’s CBD oil worked out so well - I decided to try their liver detox/activated charcoal cleanse - and wow! GAME CHANGER!

For me, this liver/charcoal detox along with Prime my body’s Hemp oil:

  • Kick started my weight loss

  • Curbed cravings

  • Reduced inflammation in my gut 

  • Reduced gas and bloating 

  • Helped me reduce fat and increase lean muscle and KEEP IT OFF!!!!

There is a HUGE flash sale going on for these product right now - take advantage of these prices and Check it out for yourself!

This was the start of it all! Stay tuned for my next blog post all about this curly girl's hair angel!!!