A Yogis Journey down the Aisle: Essential Oils & Emotional Support

Planning an overseas wedding by myself, while working full time and giving of myself as a mom, yogi & teacher trainer might be considered a full plate. I like to say ‘abundantly full’ cause its all amazing stuff!

What I was not expecting was all the emotional baggage that would come up for me during the endless to-do list of the pre-wedding phase. My friends and fiancee were (and stlll are) totally supportive and there for me whenever I needed them, no doubt. My yoga practice and teachings always keep me grounded, balanced and centered. However, this yogi needed a lil extra emotional support.

My friend, 300 trainee and colleague suggested essential oils. I figured it was worth a try. After taking the ‘itovi’ evaluation - I bought and started using my emotional support oils every day and night. I found the morning application of these rituals supportive and night time ritual to be soothing,

It was like getting extra daily hug. And those oils were working on a level that I couldn’t see, but that I could feel. I was handling the daily hurdles with a bit more grace and stayed ever more focused on the beauty of planning the wedding. and getting to meet my king down that Aisle on the beach.

Even though I’m 6 months post wedding and my emotional support needs have changed - I still use Doterra oils to support my emotions. Some I use daily, some I use to help support specific emotions that come up.

How exactly can essential oils support your emotional state?

When you breathe in essential oils, molecules enter the limbic system in the brain and elicit an emotional response - because our emotions are stored in this center of our brain. Essential oils and emotions go hand in hand. Because of the unique direct relationship between emotions and olfaction within the brain, essential oils can help “unlock” stored memories and emotions.

An aversion to a particular oil may indicate something more than just personal preference. It could actually be stirring an unpleasant emotional response.

Conversely, oils that bring about positive emotions are likely favored. This is because aromas actually have an effect on your brain waves affecting your emotions. Essential oils support the body to come back into balance without harmful side effects or chemical based products.

Ready to give it a try?

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Cheers to your health!