The Ways of
The Ohra Warrior


May all living beings be happy and free, and may our actions, words and thoughts contribute to the happiness and freedom of all.

That’s my everyday go-to mantra. Michelle Briks, ERYT500

Ohra Yoga
by Michelle Briks

Michelle is the Founder of Ohra Yoga & Wellnes and is Director & lead teacher for Saw Mill Club’s Ohra Yoga Teacher Training, a 200/300 hour Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance in Mount Kisco, NY.  Michelle has 13+ years of experience teaching yoga and has received extensive training and certifications in Vinyasa and Prana flow styles, Anatomy and Ayurvedic Yoga therapy. 


Designing yoga experiences that empower her students through intention and mindful awareness, Michelle integrates flow, breath work, alignment and the chance to connect and fly in each one of her classes.  She inspires her students to find space to grow into the next level of their practice, no matter where their start point may be.

One of Michelle's most influential inspirations is her daughter Ma'ayan.  Her ability to explore the world with clear eyes and a pure heart, while expressing her true self have become key aspects of Michelle's teaching.  She aspires to teach her students how to incorporate these ideas on the mat and into their lives. 

In each one of Michelle's classes she creates an environment of extraordinary compassion where students can go beyond their perceived limitations.  She builds an atmosphere where you are free to laugh, be yourself, fall and get right back up again.  A place to just be, with no presumptions or judgments. 

She is passionate about empowering others to increase their strength and grace and get inspired through the practice and teachings of yoga. She is moved by witnessing her students and teacher trainees’ growth and transformation as they connect deeper with their inner light.