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Change your life, elevate your teaching.

200 & 300 Hour RYS Programs

Ohra Yoga Institute at Saw Mill club



Our proven training method is mindful,
soulful, anatomically informed and
intelligently sequenced

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The TT Experience

Since 2012 we have shared the light of yoga and graduated over 85 students from our 200 hour program, and are about to graduate our second group from our advanced 300 hour program!

Ohra Yoga @Saw Mill Club was founded and is directed by Michelle Briks. Michelle designs yoga experiences that empower her students through intention and mindful awareness.

Teacher training is an incredible experience whether you decide to teach or not.  During training you will learn to embody the flow of poses, of breath and of mindful living. The training puts all the pieces of yoga together in one place.

Ohra Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance® Certified Registered Yoga School (RYS®) offering both 200 hour and 300 hour teacher training programs.

The 200 hour training is Vinyasa-based Teacher Training program which relates to all. Through physical, mindful and educational learning, Ohra gives you the awareness to empower yourself while improving the lives of others. 

The supportive environment of Ohra Yoga's teacher training allows each student the space for personal growth and freedom to explore their own path within a group and the group's 200 hour structure. 


Learning with intention

Curriculum ૐ

Learn with Intention

Our curriculum is vast and in depth. You will gain a strong foundation on many aspects of yoga that will allow you to deepen your practice and share the gift of yoga with others.

Each topic is interactive and appeals to may styles of learning. Our curriculum is applied to embody yoga in all forms.

Eastern philosophy

ૐ 8 limbed path of yoga
ૐ Pranayama (breath techniques)
ૐ Meditation
ૐ Ayurveda
ૐ Energy flow (Vayus, Chakras)

Western philosophy

ૐ Applied, functional anatomy
ૐ Alignment
ૐ Class sequencing tools that encourage your creativity
ૐ Embodying the yoga teacher. Cueing and teaching methodology.

What sets our program apart from the rest ૐ

Concentration on establishing a strong foundational practice

  • Personalized instruction in a close-knit group setting

  • In-depth examination of curriculum topics

  • Working with specialized populations

  • Practice teaching modules 

  • Workshops with renown guest teachers

  • Post-graduate mentoring

Our Saw Mill Club yoga rooms and facility allows the space and set up for productivity and for zen. In warmer months we are able to take our training outside on our beautiful grounds.

Upon completion of the program, you will be qualified to teach yoga classes in yoga studios, gyms or privately in people’s homes, offices, community centers and other locations.

N a m a s t e ૐ



Yoga Teachers! Take your
teaching to the Next Level
— Michelle Briks

Become a leader of health and wellness for your community!

Ohra's Advanced 300 hour RYS Teacher Training was designed to elevate each yoga teacher. The program offers each participant the opportunity to deepen, explore and expand their knowledge to shine their light and become more effective, intuitive and knowledgeable yoga teachers who enrich the yoga experience for their students and clientele. 

Program  includes:

  • 12 required modules 

  • elective modules  

  • 12 follow up meetings meets once a month 

  • Home enlightenment projects

  • 1-1 mentoring

Each module can be taken on its own for continuing education. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 8.15.55 PM.png

12 Required Modules

This module explores functional anatomy in yoga practice, deepening your understanding of the body and biomechanics of movement. We will build off the foundation of the metaphysical seat of the body, the pelvis, and discover the importance of alignment and anatomical awareness in the area. The shoulder girdle is both similar and different than the pelvic girdle; learn about their relationship to change and enhance your practice and teaching.

Each day will include a 2-3 hour practice and interactive lessons in:

•Asanas, including both fundamental and advanced asanas
•Art of Adjustments
•Intelligent sequencing

This module is perfect for yoga teachers and personal trainers looking for continuing education to deepen their knowledge of anatomy and functional movement so that they can more effectively work with their clients.

*This Module will count for 1.9 NASM credits

*It is also can be taken as a required module for Ohra Yoga's Advanced Teacher Training

This module will explore the core- everything but the limbs- and the important role the skeletal alignment and muscular integration of the core plays in functional movement on and off our yoga mat.

Lara makes anatomy fun, fascinating and accessible through experiential learning and movement. This module will increase your confidence as a yoga teacher, preparing you to better integrate proper alignment in your adjustments, sequencing, and verbal cueing.

Each day will include a 2-3 hour practice and interactive lessons in

•Asanas, including both fundamental and advanced asanas
•Art of Adjustments
•Intelligent sequencing

This module is perfect for yoga teachers and personal trainers looking for continuing education to deepen their knowledge of anatomy and functional movement so that they can more effectively work with their clients.

*This Module will count for 1.9 NASM credits

*And is a required module for Ohra Yoga's Advanced Teacher Training


Learn to create intelligent vinyasa classes that progress into advanced apex poses using a creative and analytical approach. Gain the tools to guide your students on a journey through asana from start to Om.

Topics include:

• Anatomical dissection of beginner, intermediate and advanced apex poses and the muscle groups needed to be prepared in the body, related asanas, and reverse engineering to get into the earliest Kramas
•Identification of key actions in peak poses
•Integration and embodiment of energetic alignment in peak poses
•Krama application in Cycle Sequencing
•How to notate class sequences

Trainees will learn the basis of intelligent vinyasa sequencing through krama and create small sequences that utilize postures that will awaken and prepare the body for a peak asana.


4. Sequencing Part 2: The energetic effect with Ilana Zaken

In Part 2 we explore sequencing to make positive shifts in the Energetic Body. We harbor residue from our life experiences energetically in the channels and circuitry of our subtle bodies, but appropriate asana, pranayama, and meditation can work to move around the life force, balance the chakras, and free up these energetic channels. We will learn how to set the mood, arouse calming mental states, create appropriate sequences to stimulate energetic shifts, and cultivate spiritual connectivity.

•The Energetic Body and how it changes perspective and enriches
•Beyond the Physical - Chakras, Nadis, and the Subtle Body as the Foundation of Theme
•Solar vs. Lunar Flow 101
•The 5 Vayus or directions of flow and the Embodiment of the Life Force
•Breath techniques that are used to arouse mental states, and cultivate spiritual connectivity


5. Beyond Ayurveda: Understanding and Application for Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy with Michelle Briks

Discover Ayurveda ‘The Science of Life’. Learn the energies that drive all nature (doshas). Exploring all the basic concepts of Ayurvedic philosophy we will learn to identify the dominant energies within us and around us. Trainees will learn methods for self care and how to achieve a balanced lifestyle through Ayurveda. Understanding daily rituals, nutrition, meditation, pranayama and Ayurvedic yoga therapy we will learn to embody ‘satvic’ (balanced) living, and learn to help our clients and families achieve the same.

Each day consists of Practice and interactive lessons in:

•Origins and Philosophy of Ayurveda “Science of Life”
•Understanding Doshas – 3 basic energies that Drive all Nature
•Recognizing signs of balance or imbalance and General guidelines for keeping Balance
•Ayurvedic Mental States
•Ayurvedic Cycles
•Ayurvedic Nutrition (and recipes to explore)
•Secrets of Dinacharya (daily rituales) and ayurvedic methods for Self Care
•Ayurvedic Yoga therapy

*Teacher Trainees will follow up this module with a practicum in Ayurvedic yoga therapy


6. Restorative Yoga Immersion with Dana Slamp and Michelle Briks

Learn to reboot, refresh, and renew yourself and others with the art of Restorative Yoga. This fast-growing form of yoga features held and supported postures, allowing the practitioner to experience healing rest and meditation. In this weekend immersion, you will learn the science behind Restorative, proper sequencing, guided meditations, and therapeutic touch. Learn the healing benefits behind the postures, which can aid in the treatment of stress, headaches, prenatal conditions, autoimmune disorders, insomnia, and more. This training is perfect for yoga teachers, therapists, and yoga enthusiasts alike.

Topics include:

•Therapeutic Yoga Guidelines in the Yoga Sutras
•The Science of Restorative Yoga
•Restorative Yoga - Training hours include hands-on assists, sequencing, prop placement, adjusting for the seasons and contraindications
•Restorative Yoga for athletes training
•Practice teaching and review - Students will review anatomy, methodology and practice teaching skills.
•Taking, Observing, and Assisting Therapeutics Classes


Learn yoga Techniques to achieve optimal emotional wellness in yourself and your clients. We begin by Understanding Yogic and Ayurvedic perspectives on emotional Imbalances. Then learn slow flow techniques to pranayama methods to aid in anxiety and depression. We explore Meditation, Mudras, Mantras and Yoga Nidra to further aid in healing. Trainees will be able to further their study of this module by assisting and observing classes and will prepare a mini-class sequence displaying comprehension of these techniques.

Topics include:

•Yogic and Ayurvedic Perspectives on Emotional Imbalances: koshic system's view of the mind, gunas, advice for emotional wellness in the Yoga Sutras, variations of meditation to still the mental processes.

•Slow Flow techniques: including “yin” meridian lines
•Yoga for Anxiety and Depression: includes neurophysiology of yoga in regards to anxiety and depression
•Meditation with Mudras and Mantras
•Yoga Nidra
•Taking, Observing, and Assisting Therapeutics Classes


8. Yoga for Athletes with Michelle Briks

This module explores modalities for addressing the needs of the active person/athlete and understanding how yoga can aid their physical performance by preventing injuries and providing therapeutic modalities.

This module is great for anyone who works with client who runs, swims, dances, does cross fit or play a sport or is just very active and uses yoga as a way to balance their dominant activity. It can also prepare a yoga teacher who wants to incorporate yoga into school sports teams and personal trainers who want to incorporate yoga stretches with their clients.

Learning objective: Trainees will be able to identify common places of sport-specific overuse and areas of the body prone to injury in the athlete and active person. And use yoga as a modality to prevent injury in the common injury prone areas of the athlete and active person.

Topics include:

•Identifying major muscles groups, overuse, common injuries
•Mindset of the athlete
•Working with and balancing the athletes strength
•Pose/counter-pose in working with athletes
•Restorative yoga for athletes
•Hands on assists
•Use and encouragement of props
•Sequencing for the athlete
•Sport specific recognition
•Anatomy, asana, practice and sequencing


9. Bhakti Bliss with Dana Slamp and Ilana Zaken

11:30 - 7pm Sound healing, Mantra and Meditation with Dana Slamp

Learn and begin to experience:

•How sound creates the world
•Traditional Chants of devotion
•How to make your own Mantra
•How to play the Harmonium, including chords for chants in English and Sanskrit
•Beginning chant and meditation techniques for transformation

12-7pm withIlana Bhakti, Participation, Myth and Archetypes

"Bhakti" means 'participation'

•Explore the 9 aspects of Bhakti Yoga and how to incorporate them into your personal practice as well as your teaching!•
•Show up and participate in your life with more juice, more inspiration, more life.
•Examine classic yogic archetypes through myth.

Learn how to sequence archetype into your classes and personal practice!


10. Creating Abundance: Boost your Yoga Business – with Dana Slamp + Sonja Rzepski + Michelle Briks

Creating Abundance Starts with the right Mindset! We kick off this module with practice and meditation as trainees begin cultivate the tools they need to develop and grow their yoga business. Trainees will then be prepared to develop their creed, and embody what they stand for.

Other topics include:

•Energy Management, optimization and self-care for Yoga Teachers
•Creating your creed
•Marketing manifestations
•Sucessfully Building your brand
•Expanding your private cliente and creating long term healing
•How to get hired (Auditions)
•Social media Basics
•How to file taxes and optimizing your write-offs

-Creating Abundance and Building Community


11. Yoga for Rehab – Lara Heimann & Michelle Briks

In this module Trainees will learn to identify common injuries and be able to implement a yoga routine for their clients that will be therapeutic, effective and promote healing.

Through Practice and interactive lecture we will learn to:

Identify common areas of injury in the body (anatomical and practical identification). Including but not limited to the spine, shoulders (rotator cuff), knees, ankles and hips.

Learn what and when to avoid certain poses and transitions

Identify what asana and functional movements to practice to promote therapeutic healing and active recovery

Understand what styles of asana and modes of Yoga therapy that can be implemented

Yoga therapy to prevent injury

Principles of therapeutic touch Using hands on assists to help heal

Identify how to work with clients in a private and group setting to therapeutically promote healing.


12. Other attendance requirements: (35 hours) – Included in $750 registration fee

Other attendance requirements: (35 hours) – Included in $750 registration fee

x10 – 3 hour teachers meetings: There is a follow up meeting 2 weeks after each module

x3 – 2.5 hour hands on assist review/workshop (with either Michelle Briks, Lori McAlister, Ilana Zakan) – 5 hrs

x5 – 2 hour Master Classes / and or inversion workshops as Advanced Asana training– with Michelle Briks and Special guest teachers– 10 hrs

Other Requirements – 45 hours

1. Embodying the poses project: Pics of Key poses before and After + reflection (2.5 hrs)


Meet Your Teachers.
Our Lead Warriors.

When you choose to become a yoga teacher, your lead yogis become a very important piece of your unique journey. The choice is key as these guides that will have such an important impact and impression on your life. We take pride in our team and welcome you to belong to this amazing community.


Michelle Briks

Mount Kisco, NY

Philosophy / inspiration / what can people expect in your class?

Michelle designs yoga experiences that empower her students, through intention and mindful awareness, to connect deeply and grow safely into the next level of their practice. In her classes, Michelle creates an environment of extraordinary compassion and freedom where students are inspired to go beyond their perceived limitations. I am passionate about empowering others to increase their strength and grace and get inspired through the practice and teachings of yoga. She is moved by witnessing her students and teacher trainees’ growth and transformation as they connect deeper with their inner light.

Chief executive yogi

Ohra Yoga's founder and Director of both the 200 & 300 hour teacher trainings. Michelle is the Main teacher for the 200 hour program and teaches Modules and monthly 'check-ins' along with Ohra's stellar staff.

Classes taught at Saw Mill Club:

Hot Fluid Power, Align & Flow Thursday Blacklight Yoga, Gentle/Restore, Core & Restore, AIReal Yoga, 200 & 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings, Private Yoga.

Experience /Certifications:

Michelle is E-RYT500 hour certified & has 12+ years of experience teaching yoga. She has received extensive training and certifications in Vinyasa and Prana flow styles, Anatomy and Ayurvedic Yoga therapy. She teaches and leads Saw Mill Club’s Ohra Yoga 200 & 300 RYS teacher training certification programs. Michelle is Yoga Director at Saw Mill Club.

What did you do before yoga?

Full time mom, Adjunct lecturer at Queens College, Registered Dietitian.

Certifications: E-RYT 500


Amy Gullotta Brown

Katonah, NY

Philosophy: To help students be the best version of their physical, mental and spiritual selves through their yoga practice.

Classes taught at Saw Mill Club: restorative, gentle flow, hot power yoga, AIReal Yoga, Private Yoga

Certifications: E-RYT 500


Anna Bellard

South Salem, NY

Philosophy / inspiration / what can people expect in your class? Anna brings a unique sense of creativity and playfulness to her classes all the while honoring the safety provided by correct alignment and intelligent sequencing. I look to inspire compassion, thoughtfulness, and a desire to create both strength in the body and mind through The practice of Yoga.

Classes taught at Saw Mill Club:

Align and Flow, Candlelight Yoga, Hot Power 2-3, Private Yoga, AIReal Yoga

Experience / Certifications:

Anna has been practicing Yoga for many years and received her RYT200 in June 2013 from Ohra Yoga@The Saw Mill Club. She has been teaching Yoga ever since becoming an ERYT200 in Sept 2016. She is now working toward completion of her RYT300 from Ohra Yoga. She has studied with Michelle Briks, Dana Slamp, Lori McCalister, Lara Heimman, Ilana Cruger-Zakin, Justin Tang, Jillian Falzone and Liz Arch

What did you do before yoga?:Anna has a background in Theatre and Dance with a BA in Art History, she spent many years working with Artists and managing product development in numerous corporations.



Bedford, NY

Philosophy / inspiration / what can people expect in your class?

A safe place to connect or reconnect to the body, mind and spirit through breath and asanas and help find balance.

Classes taught at Saw Mill Club:

Hatha/Vinyasa flow, Restorative, Prenatal, Thai Yoga

Experience / Certifications:

RYT 200 hr, RYT Prenatal, Lotus Palm Thai Yoga

What did you do before yoga?:

Graphic Designer and News Paper Publisher


Linda Corso

Hometown: Bedford, NY

Philosophy / inspiration / what can people expect in your class?

Drawn to the power of connecting breath with movement and strength, she teaches all of her classes with a focus on proper alignment, strength, body awareness, knowledge and fun. Recognizing that yoga is not just a physical practice but a way of life, she hopes to inspire others to discover the benefits yoga can have in their lives both on and off the mat by cultivating inner peace, strength and self-empowerment.

Classes taught at Saw Mill Club: Vinyasa Yoga & Hot Vinyasa, Vinyasa Fundamentals

Experience / Certifications: RYT-200 & RYT- 300 through Ohra Yoga, Yoga Sculpt teaching certification from Core Power Yoga

What did you do before yoga?

Linda is a life long athlete and has always been passionate about health and fitness.

She first discovered the transformative power of yoga years ago, initially enjoying the physical practice and then falling in love with the mind, body and spirit connection that a yoga practice provides. After practicing more seriously, exploring Yogic philosophy and implementing those principles in her life, she was totally captivated.


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