Ohra is a special place to learn yoga, to practice yoga, to be a yogi. I feel so lucky to have found Michelle. She is nurturing, generous with her knowledge and love and full of so much enthusiasm for life, it’s infectious!
— Dana G. Age 42

I took Michelle’s 200 Hour Ohra Yoga YTT Summer immersion program! It was days filled with yoga, yoga, and more yoga. Michelle was filled with so much knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm. I learned so much about anatomy, body alignment, working with my core and Asana. My personal favorites were becoming aware of my Chakras. It was so eye-opening. This is a program that really helped me get into touch with myself on a deeper level. A truly priceless gift to oneself. Thank you Michelle. I am so grateful to you, my yoga teacher and all of my classmates that took this journey with me. This has been an experience in my life that has been absolutely life-changing. Forever grateful.
— Nancy R. Age 52

Oh the beauty of Michelle & Ohra’s 200hr summer teacher training program... one magical summer in 2015, teacher training began and right off the bat we were a kula (yoga family)! I remember introducing myself and my reasons for joining the training, and my most influential reasons were for healing and growth purposes. Michelle quoted Rumi and said “The wound is the place where light enters.” I cried tears of relief and joy, so grateful for her loving compassion and understanding. Right then, after only knowing Michelle and the other trainees for a few moments, I knew this teacher training was going to be a powerful journey of my mind body & Spirit. I had completed a 200hrYTT before this one and had a beautiful spiritual experience but did not graduate with all of the necessary tools and confidence to teach Yoga. After this summer immersion with Michelle, I was able to find the missing links and am now teaching 3 days a week in Westchester County (SMC & SUNY Purchase)! I am fulfilling my life’s purpose I can feel it in every ounce of my being. With eternal gratitude, thank you Michelle, Kula, & Ohra Wellness! Om Namah Shivaya
— Carissa D Age 21

Michelle’s strength, both physical and emotional, has a positive effect on her students. We all left her training more balanced, physically stronger, and with a concrete desire and ability to keep going, to be the best at whatever it is we choose to be, not only as yoga practitioners, but as mothers, sisters, wives, friends and especially, as teachers ourselves.
— Suzanne S. Age 48

Michelle Briks is a master at creating a “Kula” (a community of the heart) of teachers and trainers that are strong, supportive, experienced and energetically committed to the success and growth of the entire group.
— Amy B. Age 43